Adventure Treks

My adventure treks offer an unrivalled experience, ensuring your dog is well exercised, safe and gets full attention and interaction.

Your dog will visit various locations and be engaged in walking, sniffing, games, and training; meaning you can rest easy knowing your dog is not stuck in the house all day or destroying your sofa.

With regular treks you will soon be coming home to a calm and stress free dog.

Mini Adventure Walks

A one hour group walk with a slice of adventure.

Less physically and mentally demanding than an adventure trek but still lots of fun.

Small Pet Visits

Peace of mind when you can’t be there.

Theo & Friends pet visit service allows your pets to stay in their own home where they are often most comfortable and happy.

Pet visits are available 7 days a week mornings and evenings, although there is occasionally availability during the day.

Pets catered for; dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, degus, chinchillas, rats, birds including chickens, and reptiles and snakes.

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