A dog walking adventure trek.
Adventure Treks - £20

A fun and exciting alternative to doggy daycare!

Does your dog have boundless energy? Are you trying to balance your work/home life?

My Adventure Treks offer an unrivalled experience for your dog. Lasting 1.5 – 2 hours, your dog will explore various locations and meet new doggy friends.

Engaging your dog physically and mentally, Adventure Treks are tailor made to suit the groups needs and temperaments. Including exploring, socialising, interaction, games and parkour, your dog will arrive home calm and stress free.

After such a good workout, every dog gets a tasty chew on the way home! I will collect and return your dog to your home and, if necessary, I will also rinse off and towel them down before returning.

Adventure Treks are available Monday to Friday in the morning.

I will assess all dogs to ascertain their suitability for an Adventure Trek.

Some excellent professional dog walking.
Mini Adventure Walks - £12.50

Walks with a taste of adventure!

Are you concerned that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise?

All dogs require exercise, however, if an Adventure Trek isn’t suitable for your dog, what about my Mini Adventure Walk which is a great alternative.

Lasting 1 hour, Mini Adventure Walks are less physically and mentally demanding but still offer lots of fun and stimulation for your dog. In a group of up to 4, your dog will meet some new furry buddies and get a chance to stretch their legs and see the outdoors in some beautiful locations.

I will collect and return your dog to your home and, if necessary, I will also rinse off and towel them down before returning.

Mini Adventure Walks are available Monday to Friday just after lunch.

Professional pet sitting.
Small Pet Visits
1 visit per day - ​£8.50
2 visits per day - ​£15.00

Peace of mind when you can’t be there

Is your pet lonely when you’re not around?

If you feel your pet is missing out on play and petting whilst you’re out of the house or away, or if you need someone to feed them, why not book one of my Small Pet Visits.

A visit lasts around 30 minutes. I will tailor the visit to the individual needs of your pet but they generally include feeding, cleaning up, changing water, play and petting.

Small Pet Visits cater for:

  • Dogs and puppies
  • Cats and kittens
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, degus and chinchillas
  • Birds, including chickens
  • Reptiles and snakes

I will also send you as many updates and pictures as you request!

That added Personal Touch

When you are away overnight or for a few days, I will also add some personal touches to make your house look ‘lived in’. This includes opening and closing your curtains, moving post from the door and putting your bins out.

Small Pet Visits are available 7 days a week in the morning and evening, although there is occasionally availability throughout the day.

Available throughout Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and surrounding areas.

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