A.​ Solo walks are suitable for the majority of dogs because they can be tailored to the dogs needs. Sessions don’t just have to include walking and can include enrichment and scentwork if your dog cannot manage walking for longer times.

A.​ I can send updates after every walk/session to let you know how your dog was and is getting on.

A.​ This is not a formal walk and train service, however I will work with your dog to ensure they have the skills to have fun walks and adventures and stay safe. This may mean supporting them with loose lead walking, recall and coming away from distractions. I may also teach them skills to help them make their walks more enriching and fun, such as scentwork and parkour.

A.​ I would recommend if your dog has behavioural issues you see a trainer or behaviourist who uses positive reinforcement to develop a plan on how to support your dogs issues. I am more than happy to work to any behavioural plan in place to ensure your dog is receiving a consistent approach to their care.

A.​ Walks are usually straight from your home unless there is a specific goal you need to achieve which will include travel, the travel time will come out of your session time.

A.​ Sessions last 45 minutes at a price of £18. You can book a longer session which is charged at £6 for every 15 minutes extra.

A.​ I live with two Labradors, one who is very keen and active, the other is a rescue and very nervous. I regularly train and walk with my own dogs and have learned a lot from them. For the past few years I have also ran a successful dog adventure business and have worked with a variety of breeds and personalities. I regularly study and attend workshops and seminars on dog training and behaviour. You can see some of the courses I have attend here.

A.​ Walks/sessions take place between 10am and 2pm (approximately) on week days.

A.​ I cover an area of around 9 miles from NE15 6AZ (driving, not as the crow flies), outside of this area can be covered at an extra cost of 45p a mile depending on availability.

A.​ Please email [email protected] in the first instance and to discuss your dogs needs. Once we have agreed that this is the right service for you we will arrange a meet and greet session so that I can meet your dog and they can sniff me out!

A.​ I also offer cat visiting services for those who need care when their owners are away. I am available for local trainers and behaviourists to hire to assist in sessions, such as where a stooge dog is required. Full details of this are available on the services page.
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