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What type of dog walker do you need?

There are lots of different dog walkers and they don't all offer the same style of walk!

Liz 22nd Sep 2020

I often see people asking for dog walkers on Facebook groups. There will always be loads of people with different recommendations. There are loads of great dog walkers out there, but we all run our businesses in different ways. There may be endless differences and one of these is the type of walks that we provide. One vital importance when looking for a dog walker is to think –

  1. What does my dog need?
  2. What can I provide?
  3. What do I need to help me on days I need a dog walker?

What follows is a few ideas of different walks that dog walkers may provide.

Secure Field

Alt Text

Many dog walkers are beginning to opt for a secure field. It is exactly what it sounds like! The dogs are all taken to the field and spend the duration of their walk there. It may be an empty field, or some contain enrichment or play equipment. Dog’s may be left to play freely or engaged in a series of activities. There is a great benefit to fields that a fully secure, they take away many risks that may exist in the wider environment. Therefore, there may be a decreased risk of accidents happening.

Good for – dogs who may not be about to be off lead in public, a chance to gain some freedom!

Not so good for – dogs who are easily bored, especially if there is little engagement from the handler. The environment is static and may lead to these dogs becoming bored and developing undesirable habits.

What to ask – what will my dog be doing whilst he is there?

Group Dog Walking

Out in the real world! Your dog is usually picked up and taken to a destination with a group of dogs to go and walk together. This could be anywhere, a local field, a country park. There tends to be less emphasis on location and change of location than with adventure style walks. Walks generally tend to last an hour, but may vary in some services.

Good for – dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs.

Not so good for – dogs that cannot cope in group settings, dogs who need a lot of one to one attention.

What to ask – how many dogs will my dog be walking with?

Solo Walking

Alt Text

Does what is says on the tin! Your dog will be walked on his own, or with other dogs from your household. This would usually, for many services, be straight from your front door. As your dog is on their own, walks can easily be tailored to meet your dog’s individual needs. Length of walk may be flexible.

Good for – dogs who cannot cope in group situations or just need more attention. Dogs who need walks tailored to their needs. Younger or older dogs who may not be able to keep up on busier walks.

Not so good for – dogs who need to and enjoy socialising with other dogs or need more stimulation.

What to ask – what will you be doing with my dog? How much engagement is there?

Adventure Walks

This is what I do and what I love. Adventure is all about getting to different interesting places, woods, beaches, country parks. I choose never to repeat a location twice in a week to keep things interesting. It is also about being engaging, I choose to add in food games, play and parkour as well as a lot of encouragement to investigate the environment.

Good for – dogs who need a lot of mental and physical stimulation and are especially active.

No so good for – dogs who are easily over stimulated, there can be lots going on and this may be a little much for some dogs!

What to ask – where will my dog go?

There are tonnes of other things you should think about when employing a dog walker – but for now, have a think about what type of walk your dog needs.

I hope this helps!

All the best,


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